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  • Powerful 3D Animation Patient Education Software

  • Powerful 3D Animation Patient Education Software

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What Doctors Are Saying ...

  • “OUTSTANDING presentation! Head-to-toe coverage with a straight forward nuts and bolts format – my favorite!”

    Christian Antonsen, D.C.
    Allen, TX

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  • "I am finding the Impulse® to be a welcomed addition to my current techniques! The instruction DVD is exceptional and a great resource!"

    Brad Arvidson, D.C.
    Valdez, AK

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  • "We attended your seminar, and we all left with more knowledge and better skills! The first day back, we took better care of our patients! We can tell our adjusting skills improved immediately!"

    Garry Baldwin D.C.
    Kelly MacIver D.C.
    Courtney Bostjancic D.C.
    Mike Bostjancic D.C.

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  • "My patients have felt fantastic with the Impulse® Adjusting Method! Comments have been: 'Can we do that again next time?', 'So relaxing!', 'Like having a massage, I didn't want to get off the table!'"

    Dr. Deborah Ball, D.C.
    Bundaberg, QLD Australia

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  • "After almost 30 years in practice, I was actually taking steps to find a new career from physically hurting and being in a mental rut. Usually, I can't wait until lunch break. But after using the Impulse® Adjusting Instrument, I worked straight through to 7pm! Patients got up and floated out of the office! Thank you!"

    Barbara Blisko, D.C.
    Red Hook, NY

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  • “Excellent information and presentation!

    My patients will greatly benefit from it!”

    Scot Bowles, D.C.
    Oregon City, OR

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  • “My Impulse® Adjusting instrument has become an important part of my own personal technique/repertoire, and a lot of patients really prefer it!

    The Impulse Adjuster is a great instrument, and it's backed by a great team!"

    Matthew Cecchetti, D.C., C.C.E.P.
    Mars, PA

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  • “Excellent seminar! The proof for me was how good I felt after the treatment I received!

    My patients deserve no less!”

    Eugene Chaput, D.C.
    Matthews, NC

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  • "Very happy with my Impulse®!

    Feedback from patients is ... better than the old Activator!"

    Dr. Claire Chittleborough, D.C.
    Blackwood, South Australia

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  • ”I have been using the Impulse® Adjusting Tool for a few years now.

    It has been a fantastic aid to results and care for my patients!"

    Dr. Philip Croutch, D.C.
    Lindsay, Ontario

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  • “The results are in – patients prefer the Impulse IQ three to one!

    Doctor satisfaction is overwhelming Impulse IQ because of: Quality of workmanship
, easy to handle
, patients request the instrument because it gets results quicker, and their adjustments hold longer
, 3 year warranty!"

    Dr. Steve Mueller, D.C.
    Algona, IA

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  • “Implementing the Impulse IQ® and the Neuromechanical technique has been the single most important addition I have ever made to my practice in my 30 year career!"

    Rick L. DaSo, D.C.
    Largo, FL

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  • “I love the system! Now I have the research backing to my analysis, adjusting, and rehabilitation!

    Thank you, you have my support!”

    Tarek Elganainy, D.C.
    Midlothian, VA

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  • "I have practiced many different techniques, and nothing comes close to comparing to the Neuromechanical System!

    We need to get the word out to our colleagues!”

    Robert Fady, D.C.
    Belleair Bluffs, FL

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  • “We started using some of your functional adjustments you taught, and we are getting awesome results!

    We love the instrument, and we are recommending everyone we know to invest in your Impulse®!"

    Kristy Francavilla, D.C.
    Atlanta, GA

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  • "I learned more in 12 hours than 10 years worth of technique!

    Exceeded my expectations, very informative!"

    Charles Giordano, D.C.
    Bechtelsville, PA

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  • "I wanted to reach out to my colleagues and recommend the Neuromechanical Seminars. Little did I know I would be attending a life changing experience!

    I never imagined I could feel such a dramatic improvement in range of motion and articular function. You’ve enlightened me and given me a new and exciting sense of purpose!"

    John J. Giovanelli, D.C.
    Peachtree City, GA

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  • "I am extremely satisfied with the Impulse® Adjusting Instrument!

    It is even more important that my patients are calling me now, with how fantastic they feel after the treatment!"

    Ewa Gross, D.C.
    Frenchs Forest, NSW

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  • “I have been using my Impulse® for 3 weeks and I love it!

    My daughter was in a terrible auto crash, and I have not been able to adjust her cervical spine until now, thanks to this GREAT technology!"

    Elliott Grusky, D.C., FICC
    Miami, FL

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  • “Incredible connection with the patient and doctor!

    My wife has a right hip that hurts every morning. I adjusted her with the Impulse IQ®, and the next morning her comment was "It feels freaky good!"

    Without a doubt, the bar has been raised and the profession has been changed forever!"

    Dr. Mike Hamler, D.C.
    Manhattan, KS

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  • “The Impulse IQ® has been a wonderful adjunct to my practice – the results I get with it are brilliant!

    Not a day goes by that I do not appreciate its use!"

    Ken Holliman
    Torrance, CA

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  • “You have produced an adjusting instrument "sorely" needed by the profession!

    A patient of mine, my "guinea pig" first tryout, called and was singing my praises stating she had marvelous results, was completely free of pain and slept every night clear through since being adjusted!"

    John O. Homer, D. C.
    Fort Jones, CA

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  • “Having attended 8 conventions/seminars in the last 8 weeks, this one TOPS them all! We have never attended a seminar that provided such excellent handouts!

    Very educational with the correct amount of entertainment!”

    Lewis E. Hulvey, D.C.
    Judsonia, AR

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  • “Very practical information delivered effectively by Drs. Gudgel and Colloca.

    Thank you for a stimulating weekend, I appreciate your brilliance!"

    Kristine Johnson, D.C.
    Cape Coral, FL

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  • “Very few instruments have truly changed the practice of chiropractic significantly, but your Impulse IQ® ushered the way into the evidence-era 21st century.

    It has an edge for influencing the entire spine, pelvis and just about any other peripheral musculoskeletal structure!"

    Dr. Joseph J. Ierano BSc DC
    Sydney, NSW

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  • “Best seminar I’ve been to in a very long time, absolutely excellent!

    I will definitely recommend this seminar, and am looking forward to returning myself!”

    Mark E. Jones, D.C.
    London, ON

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  • “All the seminars always have new material!

    It gets better and better!”

    James Keene, D.C.
    Rome, GA

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  • “Twenty-eight years as a Chiropractor, this rates as one of the best, if not the best of seminars!

    Organized, no wasted time, practical, great notes!”

    Garry Krakos
    Springfield, VA

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  • “I’ve been instrument adjusting since 1998.

    The Neuromechanical Technique takes it to a whole new level!”

    Douglas Krift, D.C.
    Fort Thomas, KY

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  • “I had been adjusting people with my hands for 33 years. Every night, I had to ice them for 45 minutes. I was scared I would have to retire! Then I put my Impulse IQ® to work, and no more pain!

    “If you don't have an iQ® in your clinic, you are working with your old PC of 2000.”

    I know, one day, Impulse iQ® will be number 1 in the world (if it isn't already)!"

    Dr. Yves Laflamme D.C.
    St-Lambert-de-Lauzon, QC

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  • “I am so very excited about the energy with which you have gone forward to create such an AWESOME team of exceptional doctors/people/minds to advance Instrument Adjusting Technique!

    I began using your Impulse® Adjusting Instrument with my patients and could not be more pleased and grateful. My aching thumbs are pretty darned happy, too!"

    Kym H. Ernest Lamarre, D.C.
    Turlock, CA

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  • “I have been using the Impulse® Adjusting instrument for over 4 years now, and it has absolutely changed my life! Other hand-held instruments weren't effective and caused significant stress to my wrists and arms. It is so comfortable to the patient, and produces results even beyond what I was getting manually!

    There should be an Impulse® in every chiropractic office!"

    Katherine E. Lyons, D.C.
    Graduate of Life West Chiropractic College, 1993

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  • “I have had the pleasure to own the Impulse® for the last few weeks and all I can say is WOW! Amazing changes in numerous patients!

    As a 28 year die hard vet of manual adjusting, I am throwing in the towel! Impulse adjusting will be part of our patient care from this point on!"

    Mark J. Maher, D.C.
    St. Louis, MO

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  • “I received the Impulse®, and it is a marvel!

    Congratulations on an instrument so well done!”

    Fernando Maldonado
    Madrid, Spain

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  • “I am delighted and continue to be surprised at how versatile, easy to use and effective, the Impulse IQ® is each day in practice!

    My patients are delighted with this fantastic device!”

    Garth Martin, D.C.

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  • “I enjoyed feeling the excitement of passion for adjustments that I felt in the Activator 10-15 years ago!”

    Michael Masters, D.C.
    Honolulu, HI

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  • "After 24 years of working with chiropractic and manual therapy, I had reached a point in my career where practice was becoming difficult physically and mentally.

    I have been using the Impulse IQ® for a year now, and the excitement and magic of practice has returned!"

    Jeff Mathews, DC, CCSP, CCEP
    Colorado Springs, CO

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  • “Hello! I have been using the Impulse exclusively in my practice since the day I got it!

    I am extremely satisfied with the feel and more impressed with the immediate results patients get!"

    Craig J. Miladin, D.C.
    East Liverpool, OH

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  • “I have been wanting to brag on your Impulse IQ® Instrument! With my hand adjuster, I never knew how deep or how much forces to use, but the chip in the IQ does it first thing!

    I was amazed!"

    Dr. Tom Morgan
    Cedartown, GA

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  • “Simply put, great instrument, great science and great service! My patients absolutely love the adjustment!

    Your company is top notch!"

    Dr. Travis New, D.C.
    Swift Current, Saskatchewan

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  • “We are most happy with the ease of usage as well as the results we are getting since incorporating the Impulse® System over the past two months!

    We are educating patients on the “new generation of instrument adjusting!"

    Russ Pavkov, D.C.
    Doylestown, Ohio

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  • “In my 42 years of chiropractic practice, I have never felt so confident and comfortable with a technique like the Impulse IQ® adjusting instrument! Patients enjoy it and notice the improvements in their health!

    The seminars are cutting edge, and anyone who leaves your seminars can effectively use the technique on Monday. I highly recommend them to all other chiropractors!"

    Ronald Peak, D.C.
    Mount Laurel, NJ

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  • "As an Orthopedic Surgeon, the Impulse® Adjuster is great! I use it every day and my patients, who suffered for weeks or years of lower back, shoulder and neck pain are really satisfied!

    Other doctors even ask me about my Impulse®!"

    Claus Picard, MD

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  • “I told all of my Activator patients that new research in chiropractic and spinal neurology has led to development of a tool that is superior to the Activator in many ways!

    They’re all expecting me to start using the Impulse® by the time I see them next!”

    Dr. Joseph Pigg, D.C.
    Campbell, CA

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  • "I've been using my Impulse® Adjusting Instrument for three weeks and I am impressed! The delivered rapid repeated thrusts makes the difference!

    I will not miss the opportunity to mention the efficacy of your instrument to our colleagues in Europe!"

    Dr. Stephane Pletain D.C.
    Brussels, Belgium

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  • "The Impulse IQ® has been a great addition to our practice and has been of help to many patients!

    I believe you are setting a new standard of care with your instrument that will be commonplace in the future!"

    Jim Powell, D.C.
    Oconomowoc, WI

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  • “The Impulse® has been a valued and powerful tool for Dad in his Chiropractic care.

    He credits the Impulse as a key partner in helping him make a difference in the lives of his patients!"

    Mary Scott Riviere
    Le Sueur, MN

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  • “I am very happy to have purchased an Impulse®! The Impulse works great on pregnant ladies who can’t lay on their stomach.

    I should have bought one years ago!"

    Joseph Silbaugh, D.C.
    Belvedere, IL

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  • “I am in love with my new Impulse!

    I think it might not only prolong my career, but save my sanity!"

    Julie A. Souza, D.C.
    Walnut Creek, CA

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  • "Thank you for presenting at our convention this last weekend ... I was fixed on it!

    I am excited to bring this technology to my patients!"

    Eric Teachout
    Battle Creek, MI

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  • “I absolutely love the Impulse®! My patients have adjusted well to it!

    My wrists have not hurt at all since I switched, and they used to ache every weekend!"

    Dr. Julie Vollertsen
    Helena, MT

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  • “Love the Impulse instrument and DVD's! I'm able to finally help 4-5 patients that were not getting better with traditional treatment!

    The gun is great!”

    Jeremy Wagnon
    Sheboygan, WI

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Imagine a place where you can go, to sharpen your clinical skills and hands-on training, to add an entirely new dimension to your practice...

Thousands of chiropractors have incorporated the Impulse Adjusting Instrument® into their practice to provide easy and effective care for patients. For many D.C.'s, the switch to Impulse arose because they had developed hand-wrist-arm problems from the spring-activated adjusting instruments they were using. These doctors and others have told us that they had developed physical limitations or injuries from their previous adjusting technique. Still others have become intrigued by the benefits of multiple repetitive thrusts delivered to restore normal oscillation of the vertebra or extremity joint that Impulse Adjusting affords.
NMI provides post graduate educational clinical training in the Impulse Adjusting System® at more than thirty clinical training courses each year. The courses are held in most major US cities and other international locations.
Domestic seminars are co-sponsored by the New York Chiropractic College Department of Postgraduate and Continuing Education. Our seminars are approved for both clinical and technique credits. A post graduate Certification in Instrument Adjusting (CIA) designation can be earned through these trainings and is a recognized distinction of instrument adjusting.
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